ORACLE Database Administration


If your oracle database is out of support , you will get huge licensing cost from Oracle,
Server Logics can help you to optimize your oracle licenses or we can recommend some other database for you.

Our featured services for Oracle Database

We provide database assistance to make sure that your database functions continuously, to maintain the security and integrity of your database.
We make sure to back up your database regularly and make sure that they are easily accessible.
The database platforms have evolved over the years and will continue to evolve. We provide assistance so your company can keep up with these constant changes.
We provide a variety of database activities so we can decide on what your company needs at different times to suit your business needs.

Operation Data Management

We know about your problems with Oracle DB — WE know how to help you when you are in need. The variety of enterprise data systems Today requires a strong team with equal distinctive skill sets , we know it is very difficult to find a right team to work on your database. We can work on your existing database / data structure and we work to modernize your data environments.



Support Process at the time of Onboarding

SERVER LOGICS onboarding process recognize your business needs and setup key performance metrics and makes sure of smooth operations.

Our initial evaluation & checklist defines a production baseline and spot swift areas of improvements.

The evaluation also includes setting up monitoring tools , incident management automation , Promised SLA and we will established standard SOP documentation. 

On-going Onsite and remote support

SERVER LOGICS insures that we provide DBA support day time and senior DBA’s are available at night as well for support.

We are available 365 days and 24×7.

Database Consolidation

Server Logics DB Consolidation will help you minimize your licensing cost and maximize performance with a chance to move to cloud.


For example ,proper combination of SQL Server DB’s disperse across many outdated or older generation servers can save up-to 60 to 80% operating cost.
Newer generation servers like Azure, AWS, G Cloud can provide substantial best performance in comparison with older one.



We are working on Database Consulting to help our prestige customers from Platform like Oracle to MSSQL Server, For migration projects you need people who are expert of both the DB’s (Target & Source) , to understand target of the code and making sure application using new source returning the same results as previous and better performance , high availability , absolute security is most important.

Here are the list of core DB services we provide :

  1. Performance Tuning
  2. High Availability & Disaster
  3. Recovery
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Security


Most of the companies like Microsoft , Oracle , Google keep sharing advises of not running out of support database and keep updating that , if you are still running it then you are at greater risk of compliance as per new regulations also you are at great risk of security attacks.
Server Logics can help you optimize , update , finetune your DB for lower cost and maximum uptime.


For agile application developments DevOps services are essential part of complete life cycle, We can automate app development stages via our 100% tasted DevOps processes, It will give less downtime , improved code quality and NO ERRORS.

Oracle Forms & Report Migration

If you are stuck with Oracle forms and reports we will help you to quickly migrate it to latest web-based platform.

Why migrate your reports and oracle forms

Oracle forms with Fusion Middleware : If you are still facing higher issues with Oracle forms hosted on Oracle fusion middleware , we can alter your solution to a latest web architecture without oracle mild-ware stack.

Oracle Report Migration to SSRS : Many organizations / institutions keep their data in Oracle Database & envisage it with the assistance of Oracle Reports and it pushes them to make extra efforts every year to maintain the system so they can gain their users loyalty. Oracle Reports have been deplored by Oracle itself officially because Oracle also realised that older client server architectures are not suitable for running on the web world.

That’s why we can up with modern technologies to help companies to migrate from Oracle reports to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).