HPE Server Maintenance & Support

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is one of the most reputed server manufacturers and is known for manufacturing long-lasting servers. But manufacturing is a different process than maintenance service. Only relying on your server manufacturer for server maintenance is an outdated idea. It has severe consequences that most companies do not even know they were paying for. We do not want you to be one of them.

 Some of the major questions about third party server maintenance systems include-

Could they be reckless and dangerous for the systems?

Our engineers are trained and certified. They have a deep understanding and profound experience working with major software and hardware companies. We take full responsibility for our engineer and provide professional maintenance.

Are they only for post-warranty services

Your manufacturers might provide free services and repairs as long as the warranty is valid. But this does not mean that they are easy to reach or are available for instant assistance. Your server manufacturer will not voluntarily check for the system errors that you might think is negligible. They will not remind you if your device is due to maintenance or if your warranty is close to expiring.

We are a third-party server maintenance company that takes full responsibility for all your service activities. We not only increase the system’s lifetime but also coordinate with your server manufacturers when your maintenance is due.

Will it be more expensive than server manufacturers?


Our major focus and priority are to save your money. We believe that companies spend a lot more than what they should on server maintenance.

They either neglect the smaller issues to save money, causing bigger issues or even system failure. This results in more expenditure either in the purchase of a new server or major repair work to revoke the system.

Our objective is to implement a more personal and strategized approach that will eventually save a lot more money than you will have to spend on our service.