Offered through Microsoft Windows Azure is a prosperous cloud computing platform for growing and deploying SaaS and IT purposes on the cloud. It is a cloud-based utility platform for developing, managing and web hosting applications.

ServerLT Cloud Computing Services

Quick Launch Website

Within a few minutes you can create web applications with the help of The Windows Azure Management Portal

Multi-Lingua Store

Languages like ASP, ASP .net, PHP, Python, or Node.js. are not barriers to develop applications when you are with AZURE.

Scaling on-demand resources

Windows Azure helps you to balance on demand resources. This means amazing growth in your business is now possible.

Windows Azure Virtual Machines

While using the cloud WIndows Azure had made possible to launch a Windows Server or Linux OX

Using Familiar Microsoft Tools

Azure incorporates Microsoft BI tools like HDInsight, Power View and PowerPivot.

Reasons to choose Windows Azure

Scalability and flexibility
Affordable with pricing model
Less Time taking
Highly Secured
Data at Cloud
Windows Familiar

Protect The Cloud With Trust Confidence

Windows Azure which is a public cloud ecosystem consists of of cloud services that consists of infrastructure as a carrier (IaaS), platform as a carrier (PaaS) & software program as a provider (SaaS).

Platform-based development

Scalable Azure platform is building high-performance SaaS portals and Web apps

IoT and Device integration

If you are looking to create next-gen IoT solutions then you just need to integrate your smart assets to Azure cloud

Data Analytics platform

To analyse the data and to drive your business intelligence we build business solutions

Cloud-native architectures

Microservice architecture on Azure is helping to build & design mission-critical applications

Industries we serve


To join assets, workflow, people, and enterprise strategies for a sustainable future Azure platform is creating end-to-end manufacturing options.


Giving power to the retail value chain and its customers, through bringing many information sources collectively and constructing Genius usage of Azure platform.


In order to create transformational customized solutions to enhance energy conservation the Azure cloud, IoT, Advanced Analytics and BI tools are being combined.


To enable the management of data & intelligence capabilities to drive decisions in real time the next-gen utility solutions is created.

Services Offered

  • Migration from current enterprise solutions to Microsoft Azure.
  • Working and Building top scalable cloud service applications and APIs.
  • Hosting web sites in Azure‚Äôs web server infrastructure are done by us.
  • We at Serverlt are a team of highly skilled, experienced & professionals who take care of implementing and managing the applications in Windows Azure Virtual Machines.
  • We have delivered at very affordable rates.
  • Very secure way of working, and providing high confidentiality to our clients information.
  • With our 100% certified professional team we provide quality work with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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