A Fine Start for Serverlt.com!

The availability of countless technologies out there has transformed the way enterprises of every size and industry conduct business. Communications, financial management, HR-related operations, and marketing, to name a few, have become heavily tech-reliant over the past decade. 

However, tech can only do so much on its own. While it promises automation, increased productivity, and revenue growth, it still entails a level of human control that — let’s face it — not that many companies take a proactive approach towards. 

We at Serverlt.com don’t blame them, though. A good majority of business-centered tech requires expertise that isn’t always available in-house. That is where we step in!

Our team specializes in managing CMS and CRM systems across Azure and AWS as well as tailoring cloud and DevOps solutions for our clients. We also provide cybersecurity consulting to ensure that our customers’ IT infrastructures are safe. We oversee servers, storage, networks, and data centers to guarantee a business’s 24/7 operability. 

We’ve provided top-notch services for years, but we celebrate the dawn of a new era as we secure our first ever client review on the global B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch!

In this project, we configured an Azure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for a client’s customer. We customized their routing to allow them safe remote access to apps, browsers, and other systems. 

“Serverlt.com was fantastic, and they performed superbly. Their team communicated on the progress throughout the entire project, and they were meeting our requirements the entire time we worked together.”

— Principal, Technology Firm

The key to this partnership’s success was steady, clear communication. We made sure that we were on the same page as our client before and during the project — a practice that not only shows our commitment to their goals but also minimizes the number of errors or inaccuracies in the final product.

On top of receiving a five-star rating, we’ve also been named as a Top Cybersecurity Company on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, which is a guide for buyers who’re looking to connect with the best B2B providers in their area or from anywhere in the world. 

Of course, Serverlt.com is deeply grateful for the recognition and for our client’s honest feedback!

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