Data classification and policy management

This is the information era, and having all of the facts to back up your expertise is essential for making well-informed decisions.

As a consequence, data security in all of its forms is vital (structured, semi structured or non-structured). However, due of the large amount of data, businesses have a challenge in keeping it since it is expensive.

To strike a balance between data security and the budget for data security, categorise your data such that only business-critical, sensitive, and/or secret data may be protected with critical security measures, since this data or information presents a greater risk to businesses.

Our ServerLT security experts will help you by analysing your data and devising an effective technique for data categorization and ongoing data classification maintenance.

What are your requirements?

How do I categorise my data and safeguard my intellectual property?
How well-versed in regulatory compliance are I?
Who needs an evaluation?

Customers that have not organised their information
Customers that haven’t formally classified their data
Customers who must adhere to strict regulatory requirements.

Our Strategy

SERVERLT improves your capacity to manage corporate and customer data by doing a data categorization evaluation in your company.

As described below, our expert quickly engages with your team members by having talks and reviewing your current data nature.

  • If relevant, learn about data regulatory compliance needs.
  • Recognize any current data categorization policies.
  • Hold a meeting with customer stakeholders.
  • Use the tool to do a preliminary data discovery.
  • Determine where data categorization gaps exist.