Managed IT Security Services

Managed IT Security Services for Businesses


The rise in digital use has changed the cybersecurity environment, especially the requirement for cloud computing security. Cybercrime has grown into a multibillion-dollar business, with cybercriminals becoming more powerful and inventive. Your company’s security posture must be robust and adaptable to cope with these challenges. It must be sensitive and in line with your company’s objectives. This requires a unique mix of talents, knowledge, and technology, as well as significant expenditures and periodic upgrades. We’ll look after your security while you focus on your company.

Detect, react, and protect

Over the years, our 2,00+ worldwide security specialists have assessed and neutralised billions of security threats. We assist companies keep one step ahead of cyber threats by using cutting-edge approaches and technologies.

AI, analytics, and automation, among other advanced technologies, assist us in developing and executing a dynamic cyber threat response plan across enterprises. Multi-tenant security system design spreads expenses over a larger user base, allowing for the delivery of cutting-edge security solutions at a lower cost.

We are a major managed services, cyber security , DevOps service provider in India, providing innovative and secure colocation, managed, and cloud solutions.

Our range of services

Detection and Response Management – Improve your capacity to discover, assess, manage, and reduce information security threats using real-time insight.

Network Safety – To protect your sensitive digital assets, private data, and intellectual property from cyber threats and assaults, choose network security management.

Risk Management for Digital Assets – Advanced risk identification, assessment, and mitigation tools, procedures, and automation technologies

Solutions with Zero Trust – Contextual and automated security solutions based on UEBA to improve restricted access to company facilities

Case Studies

We offer Managed Detection and Response (MDR), including cloud security solutions, to accomplish confidentiality, integrity, and availability, which are the fundamental objectives of security controls for enterprises, via diverse use cases.

Security alerts are detected and monitored around the clock.

Our SOC analysts regularly monitor security data collected from various organisational sources using industry-leading AI/ML solutions. We also provide detection tools for detecting and responding to security threats.

Security incident response is available 24/7.

Accidents will happen. Our security services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help firms limit or control security events and reduce their effect.

Risk management for digital assets

External, intelligent settings are now required to detect the increasing number of unknown dangers. By integrating controls or countermeasures, our darknet/deep web application security decreases the effect of possible risks.

Validation and evaluation of cybersecurity posture

Know the effectiveness of implemented security systems, your quantitative risk score, cyber-attack preparation, and cyber-breach status. Examine your entire security posture and take steps to improve it.

Zero-trust access management

Adopt a “verify first, trust later” zero-trust architecture that enables businesses to provide access based on “need-to-know” or “least-privilege” by establishing a system of checks and balances.

Security device management around the clock

As part of a 24×7 device management solution, take use of specialist skill sets in security technologies to offer change, configuration, issue, performance, and fault management.

Reimagining the future security landscape

Our services are complemented with a cutting-edge, next-generation security strategy that provides more value and protection.

Proposition of value

Time and time again, we have been able to provide genuine competitive edge to our customers.

Provider of end-to-end services

Our broad knowledge allows us to comprehend cross-functional security challenges.

A worldwide brand

We’re part of the famous NTT Group, a managed services thinking leader.

Service selection is flexible.

Clients may choose from a whole range of services or only a portion of the MDR capabilities.

Flexibility in business

From pay-per-use to long-term, optimum TCO, use models may be changed.

Models of delivery include onsite, remote, and hybrid.

Allows bespoke services to be delivered while maintaining the cost and delivery benefits of SSCs

Strategic alliances

Security-related partnerships OEMs have a competitive technological solutioning edge.