Pharma Industry

Customer Challenges

Customer wanted to move the production workloads with large data from On-premise to Azure and was searching for a hosting solution. Customer wanted to have a separate isolated subscriptions for each of his environment that involved Finance, EMR Clinical & Corporate. Security was a major concern for the customer

Success Measurement

  • Created multiple subscriptions managed by controlled and managed Azure management groups.
  • Deployed dedicated Landing zone for each type of workloads with isolated subscriptions
  • Separated the environment with separate vnets and Azure bastion for access to jump host.
  • Configured internal and external load balancers for each subnet
  • Integrated the external load balancers with Cisco virtual firewall in Azure for securing the internal network.
  • Automated the complete infrastructure using Terraform and Azure Resource Manager

Business Benefit

Customer was able to centralize his business applications with enhanced security and saved huge cost by automating the environment.