Quorum IQ

Customer Challenges

Quorum IQ is a REST API based multi-purpose app powered by Artificial Intelligence, helping customers in Budget planning, Voting, Virtual meetings and more. Application was running in Pivotal cloud and Pivotal has been shutting down the PKS services globally. Customer was looking for a hosting solution in Azure for his applications.

Success Measurement

  • Due to limitations in features in Azure in comparison to Pivotal, we have rebuilt the image with Maven tool using its yaml files.
  • Converted into Azure container and imported the pods to AKS.
  • Created CI/CD pipeline for building, testing and deployment.
  • Set the automation of certificates renewals.
  • Performed DNS routing and integrated with Azure AD.
  • Hosted the application in Azure Kubernetes.

Business Benefit

Customer was able to overcome the insecurity of loss of business due stoppage of Pivotal services. We ensured that the customer’s producation workloads hosted in Azure without and outage and resulted in rich, long lasting businesses and new clients.