Network maintenance

If you do not have a consistent and reliable network, all efforts of productivity and maintenance will ultimately be disrupted due to network issues. Network maintenance refers to the efforts we make to keep the network up and running.

Our team of experts consistently keep a track of your network performances and deal with tasks like troubleshooting network problems, monitoring and improving network performance, planning for future network growth, hardware, and software installation and configuration, ensuring compliance with policies of the company, maintaining the security of the network against various threats.

Our basic network maintenance model includes

Fault management

we configure our network devices including routers, firewalls, switches, and servers to capture logging messages so we can send them to an external service.

Performance management

we constantly track the performance of a network on all LAM (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) so whenever something is wrong, we are immediately updated about it and quickly resolve this issue.

Configuration management

we use a relevant change management structure where when any change is made to the network, it will be logged. Their changes are reported to us before they are implemented.

Security management

We create security policies to suit your organization's needs and implement it by using Firewall and VPNs. We use AAA servers for credential validation. (AUTHENTICATION, AUTHORISATION, AND ACCOUNTING)

Service management is one of the sections, where implementing a professionally planned and customized structure of maintenance can boost your organization’s performance and convenience to a great degree.

Our experts are trained to provide effective solutions for both structured and interrupt-driven tasks. Structured tasks are the network maintenance plans where our engineers predict a problem and solve/prevent it before it even occurs. Interrupt-driven tasks on the other hand are the quick maintenance and resolution we provide when the problems have already occurred.