Server Maintenance & Support

If the server is not regularly updated and kept running, the computer network might not work smoothly and might experience downtime or even a total or partial network failure. Service maintenance is a process that includes reviewing the server’s performance, ensuring that automated system monitoring utilities are installed properly and configured, identifying potential security risks, and backing up data at regular intervals.

Although a few websites do take care of their service maintenance by themselves, since a process that involves regular maintenance and several tasks, it is recommended to have expert supervision when it comes to your service maintenance.

Our experts at server logics are trained to professionally carry out these tasks. A few functions included in the service maintenance process are-

  • We make sure that your backup verifications are working before making any changes to your server database and system. We make sure to select the right backup and right location.
  • We check your disk usage and see to it that your disk storage is kept clean and is not being used as an archival system. Your old Emails, logs, old software, that are no longer worth the space they take up in your system needs to be regularly wiped out.
  • Single disk failure can cause a complete system failure. We consistently monitor your RAID status to avoid such occurrences.
  • We update your panel control and keep it up to date to avoid any risk related to hosting issues that is very likely to occur otherwise.
  • We check your application updates regularly and update your web application if you are using CMS or any open-source program from your web application.
  • We check and maintain your remote control tools, your hardware errors that occur very commonly but can create big issues if not resolved immediately including disk read error and network failure.
  • We also check your service utilization, review your user accounts, update your passwords every 6-12 months, and check your security system regularly.

Our experts cover your server maintenance responsibilities completely